Myopia Treatment and Cures

    Tips To Cure Myopia Naturally

    Doctors always suggest wearing Glasses, surgery, or use laser in treatment of Myopia according to its degree. However, like the other treatment, surgery also has quite negative effect. There are number of examples of losing vision due to Lasik Surgery (One of the most popular eye surgery). Other treatments like Orthokeratology (A non-surgical procedure), CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy), can make your eyes improve from Myopia but these methods are under research and effective for temporary relief only. There is some special lenses named RGP or GP (Rigid Gas Permeable) is use for reshape cornea in Orthokeratology. CRT and Orthokeratology considered as the best alternative option for the myopic. Bates Method is also useful for improving eyesight including Myopia. Therefore, LASIK Surgery is not the only way to be get relief. One may choose TCM (Traditional Chinese Massage). However, choosing natural way is considered as the best option.




    After this surgery, one can get the problems like complete or partial loss of vision, dry eyes, Irregular astigmatism, Epithelial ingrowths, Diffuse lamellar keratitis etc. Moreover, Lasik may thin out your cornea permanently as the surgeons are used laser to remove corneal tissue which can be leads to ecstasia or loss of vision. The wounds are also looking vulnerable after the surgery. Sometimes patients are committed to suicide due to the unbearable pain that starts after LASIK surgery. Many people who have lost their near and dear one have requested to the FDA to ban the surgery forever. According to the stated information, it should not be guide any one to go for Lasik. It is more risky in compare to any natural treatment. Treatments get in natural ways is safe and pain-less. So, enjoy the most precious gift of God.


    ABOUT TCM (Traditional Chinese Method):


    Like Bates method, TCM is one of the natural ways to get relief from Myopia. TCM is based on Green therapy and some traditional Chinese medicine. The therapy helps to enhance the circulatory system along with the nervous system, stimulate immune system and helps to get relief from migraine, constipation. As a whole, it may be said as good therapy for myopia.




    Natural cure is always safe and risk-free. As the procedure do not belongs to any surgical process, there is no chance for any loss or injury rather it helps to improve to get relief from pain, strain and weakness. Bates Method, TCM are some example of natural cure. As Bates Method is labeling as different from mainstream, TCM is getting more popular among them. It is a green therapy. The main advantage of this green therapy is, it do not herm any parts of our body. It not only improves myopia, it improve total problem related to eye like it helps to get rid of dry eyes. Being a natural method, it does not cause any severe damage. The traditional medicines are also very popular and with great demand in china. Apart from curing Myopia, it helps to get rid of keratitis, conjunctivitis and pain that is caused by Lasik surgery. As a result the method is accepted all over the world.

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